To kick start our new topic ‘Amazing Animals’, we had some very exciting guests visit us in Fox class – Miss Greenhill’s rabbits! It was wonderful watching them hop around our circle. As they came near, we were able to stroke them slowly and gently as to not scare them. We also had the opportunity to hold some baby rabbits. They were so soft. We also had lots of questions for Miss Greenhill about how to care for rabbits.

We have welcomed a special class pet: STICK INSECTS!

They are eggs at the moment but we are keeping a close eye on them to see when they hatch. We thought of names for them and have been writing about them on the writing table. When the eggs have hatched we will let you know what we have decided to call them. Watch this space!


We have participated in a balance-ability workshop. We started the session by playing lots of balancing games, such as, walking over some stepping stones and standing on one leg. We then learnt about why we need to wear helmets and how to sit on our bike safely. Next, we varied the way we moved on our bikes, with tiny steps like a mouse, medium steps like a cat and big steps like an elephant. At times this was tricky, but it was lots of fun.
A big thank you to Balance-ability for coming in.