In Hedgehog class we have created a 3D map of Cleobury Mortimer.  We painted our houses using the “pointillism” style and used a variety of materials to create the impression of different types of fields that surround our beautiful village.  We positioned our houses in the areas that we live and found it interesting that we were all quite close to each other.  Finally, we made St Mary’s Church, which we all decided, was the most well-known building in Cleobury Mortimer.

After designing our milk bottle African elephants we invited our parents into help us decorate them.  We really enjoyed working together, using glue and tissue paper to transform our boring white elephants into beautiful colourful ones.

We were very lucky because a policeman came to visit us in Hedgehog Class.  He told us all about being a police officer and described the different uniform that is worn by different types of police.  We also found out about the different feelings PC Barr felt during his working day and what hobbies he enjoys when he is not working.

Hedgehog class Year 2  Curriculum Grid 2016/17
Trains, Planes and Automobiles
All By Myself (Antarctica, weather)
Out of This World
Out Of Africa
Local Area
Local History
Well-loved stories(4 wks) Mrs Armitage On Wheels
Information Text- transport
Sense Poems (1 wk)
Approx- The Five Sense By Janice Johnston
Instructional writing- How to…
Contemporary Picture books- Lost and Found/ Polar Express (diary entry)
Recounts- Trip to RAF Cosford
Non chronological reports (Planets)
Short stories- Cops and Robbers (character description)
Classic Tales from a Range of Cultures
(Handa’s Surprise, Masai and I, 
Letters to Africa)
Letter Writing
Dear Greenpeace -
Fairy Tales- The Elves and the Shoemaker- alternative ending
Longer narratives- The Owl who Was Afraid of the Dark/Fantastic Mr Fox
Funny Poems  (Kennings)
Rhyming poems
Shape poems
Reports- Nocturnal creatures
SPaG 20 mins per day, phonics, guided reading, individual reading to adults, weekly spellings.
·         Number and
Place Value
·         Mental addition and subtraction
·         Adding and subtracting small digits
·         Number bonds
·         Shape
·         Problem solving, reasoning and algebra
·         Number and Place Value
·         Money
·         Adding using a number line.
·        Subtraction
·         Position, direction and measurement.
·         Number and Place Value
·         Number bonds
·         Time
·         Shape
·         Mental addition and subtraction
·        Multiplication and division
·         Fractions
·         Time
·         Statistics
·         Money
·         Problem solving, reasoning and algebra
·         Number and Place Value
·         Addition using a number line
·        Subtraction as finding the difference
·         Measure
·        Statistics
·        Fractions
·         Number and Place Value
·         Money
·        Multiplication and division
·         Measure/ Time
·         Problem solving, reasoning and algebra
·         Mental addition and subtraction
Ongoing Vocabulary relating to above topics consolidated and reinforced throughout the day in a variety of contexts, number bonds, basic mental arithmetic, money, 2x 5x 10x times tables
Everyday Materials
Animals including Humans / Habitats
Plants /Habitats
We are astronauts
Programming on screen
We are game testers
Exploring how computer games works
We are photographers
Taking better photos
We are researchers
Researching a topic
We are detectives –
Collecting clues
We are zoologists –
Collecting data
Looking at different transport through the ages
Comparing Antarctica with Cleobury
Looking at the climate
Researching the Explorers.
Out of This World
The first moon landing.
Tim Peake (astronaut)
Out of Africa
Researching Kenya
Local Area
Exploring our local area
Local History
 Finding out about our past
RE (Focus religion is        Christianity)
How should I behave towards others?
How do Christians celebrate Christmas? Why is the Bible a special book? What stories did Jesus teach us? Why is our world special and how might we look after it? Why do you think God is important to some people? What special things does the Jewish faith use, wear and do in their homes and special buildings?
Design vehicles
Making hot air balloons
Weather pictures, painting, collages, sketching
Moving Pictures
Fabric Painting
Colour mixing
Painting skills
Observational drawing
Ourselves (exploring sounds) Toys (beat)
Exploring duration/Christmas preparation
Our land (exploring sounds) Our bodies (beat)
Animals (pitch) Number (beat)
Story time (exploring sounds) Seasons (pitch)
Weather (exploring sounds)  Pattern (beat)
Being good friends
New Beginnings
Anti-Bullying Week
Getting on and Falling Out
Being healthy
Good to be Me
Internet Safety Day
Going for Goals
Games 1
Games 2