The policy for admissions to Lacon Childe school is determined by the Shropshire Gateway Educational Trust. Shropshire Council’s Admissions Team operates the admissions process for admission to year 7 and all enquiries regarding Admissions should be addressed to them.

Admissions Policy 2016-17 | PDF

Shropshire Council produce a booklet “Parents’ Guide to Education in Shropshire” each year with up to date information about schools and a full explanation of the admissions processes. The booklets are available in school or libraries and can be accessed on the Shropshire website.

Admissions policy 2017-18

admissions policy 2018-19

This policy is currently subject to consulation.

Shropshire | Guide to Education

Parents/Carers of Year 6 children and resident in Shropshire will be required in the Autumn Term prior to the school year of transfer to complete a Shropshire application which 3 preferences can be stated. Applications can be made online through the Shropshire website.

All applications must be made by 31st October in the academic year prior to which your child is due to start school.

Admissions Policies
Policy Name Date Next Review
Admissions Policy 2017-18                              2017      2018
Admission Policy 2018-19 2017 2018
Accessibility Plan 2014 - 17 2014 2017