Within the Department we teach two languages. French is taught across the whole cohort in Year 7. In year 8 approximately 85% of children start German as a second language. This continues to the end of KS3. In KS4, French and/or German are offered as GCSE options.

We aim to use the target language as much as possible in all language lessons. The students are encouraged to understand and reply to classroom instructions from the start of learning the language. 

Students are split into sets after the first term of French in Year 7 according to their ability. These groups work to a differentiated Scheme of Work, as well as having the benefit of one, or sometimes two, extra classroom assistants. In Year 7 students have five hours of French each fortnight, in Year 8 the dual-linguists have three hours of French and two of German, whilst the single linguists continue with five hours of French each fortnight.

Within our Schemes of Work we also cater for the linguistically able child through extension work and differentiation of books. We constantly review and update our Schemes of Work. We also run 'Support' sessions at lunchtime for children wishing to have more individual attention and in Year 10 and 11 this includes Coursework Support and Revision sessions.

We have links with Worcester University which includes the hosting of a Languages Student in the Department and a Year 9 Language Day delivered by the University's trainee MFL teachers. 

​We have run many successful trips to France, Germany and Italy. At the moment we offer a Year 9 trip to Paris and each year we take all of Year 8 to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham. Both trips continue to be very popular. 

Within KS3 the children are assessed according to the National Curriculum Levels, and this is reported in line with the school Assessment Policy. In KS4, the children follow the Edexcel board GCSE exam course and are moderated according to GCSE criteria.