Please find below links to our Trust and School Policies. ​​​

Our policies form the principles by which the school is managed and how daily business is run.

In order to reduce waste we would prefer you to read these policies electronically; however, if you do need to be provided with a hard copy, please contact the school.

Policy Name Date Next Review
Behaviour Policy Apr 16 Apr 18
Anti-Bullying Policy Jul 16 Jul 19
Complaints Policy Apr 16 Apr 19
Charging and Remissions Policy Jan 17 Jan 18
Equality Statement Feb 17 Feb 18
Equality Policy Feb 17 Feb 20
Policy Name Date Next Review
Admissions Policy 2017-18      2017 2018
Admission Policy 2018-19 2017 2018
Accessibility Plan 2014 - 17 2014 2017