PTA - Friends of Stottesdon Primary School

The FOSPS of our village school work together to raise funds in order to support extra-curricular activities at Stottesdon Primary School.

Promise Auction

During October, we are running an auction to raise money to re-landscape around the hall and to provide appropriate Early Years Play areas.

We have approached a number of businesses who have donated tickets, vouchers, items for us to auction off.

We would like to ask parents if they could do the same. Parents might:

  • know a business really well and be able to ask for tickets/vouchers/items (expiry dates 19/20)
  • to donate something themselves
  • donate some time ie. 1 hours ironing, babysitting, gardening.

The promise auction is an excellent, fun event that we only hold once every 3-4 years, so please help to make this a really successful one.

Please send any auction donations to the office, to Rachel Datlen ( or to Jo Woodland (

Many thanks for your support.

School Lottery

Please sign up on-line for only £1 per week for a chance to win £25,000. All details can be found on

Congratulations to last week’s lottery winner, Clare Tibbits, who won £20.00.